The human mind can produce tridimensional forms registering patterns around his visual spectrum instantly; it’s what we see under the light that shows us our tangible reality. The information that we process with our ocular senses can shift at every second by the movement of our bodies, the movement of the objects around us or the movement of both at the same time, it’s an everlasting change of specific perspectives. Voided Visuals reads and collects a series of perceptible formal dialects along the Los Angeles highways. It captures the juxtaposition of man made structures [highway bridges] framing the natural [sky], in a precise moment that most probably will never be observed again. The language it’s documented by photographs, which are organized in a geometric database built by their characteristics [number of vertexes and curvature, and its combinations] in order to generate new, complex and uncontrollable [malleable in scale] designs.