Room 01: Planter wall frames view through atrium and connects ground floor program.


A  R O O M  I N  A  R O O M  W I T H I N  A  R O O M

Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc)

Spring 2018

Instructed by Kristy Balliet

In collaboration with Nikos Michelis

The project focused on the concept of what “nature” represents in contemporary architecture. The project was structured based on the readability of the building related to the city context, creating a monumental rock-like massing that contains multiple exterior and interior conditions inside its program. These conditions are treated as three diferent types of rooms within a high density mixed use complex, that allow distinct experiences for users in connection with “nature”:

Room 01 _ Inverted corinthian capital as garden that connects the program in the base of the building.

Room 02 _ Volumes as folies inserted into the residential tower that contain desintegrated “nature” as a surface element to create a contemplative experience.

Room 03 _ Slot and ground level plaza as urban links.

Left: Longitudinal Section / Right: Room 02: Inside disintegrated “nature” folie.

Left: Transverse Section – North Elevation / Right: Room 02: Inside the outside of folie.

Left: East Elevation / Right: Room 03: Slot creates elevated plaza in between program. 

East Elevation _ Physical Model

Street Level View _ Physical Model